The Mega Box from the Kraken Box is a one-time purchase (We would not want to charge you for the next month if you forgot to cancel your plan). The total value of the items in the box is at least 90$US, but could be more if you're lucky :) We will ship you random items from the following list.


- Standard size minis from Artisan Guild (Unpainted)

- Random Large Monsters from our inventory (Unpainted)

- Random Terrain pieces from our inventory, matching the minis in the box (Unpainted)

- 65mm size minis from Artisan Guild (Unpainted)

- 10cm scale large BBEG of the month (Unpainted)

- *Rare* 15cm scale large BBEG of the month (Unpainted)

- *Rare* Full monthly release from Artisan's Guild latest set (Unpainted)

- *Extra-rare* 20cm scale model of your choice (We will contact you) (With or without painting)


All minis that are marked as "unpainted" and of a large scale could arrive in separate parts for you to paint them easily.

Kraken Box Mega Plan


    FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER 30$ (70$ for international orders)


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